Public Domain Super Heroes
Baron Doom

Real Name

Baron Dominik Von Unheil

First Appearance

Silver Streak Comics #19 (March 1942)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Otto Binder and Jack Binder


Baron Dominik Von Unheil was a wealthy German baron, who eventually would become known as Baron Doom. When WWII began the Nazi military put Baron Doom in-charge of his own submarine to travel the world undetected while on secret missions for them. One of his missions was to locate the lost treasure of Captain Kidd. It was during this expedition he came into conflict with Captain Battle and Nathan Hale.

Powers and Abilities

While the Baron had no powers, he was one of the world's greatest spies and was equipped with both his own submarine and a special steel whip. The whip would let out an electric charge when it grasped an object.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Silver Streak Comics #19-20
  • Captain Battle #3 (re-print)

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