Baron Basto

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Patrol #2 (Oct.-Nov. 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Phillip Evans, Paul Newman, and Bernard Krigstein


Baron Basto controls the planetoid, Deimos in the manner of a robber baron of old, demanding tribute from rocketships who land there. Investigating the matter are Space Patrol members Commander-in-Chief Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy. Security Chief Major Robbie Robertson gives the pair the run-down before they run off to pour water on Basto's bloated ego.

On Deimos, Corry is happy to pay for the spaceship repairs, but refuses to pay the outrageous tribute, or indeed any tribute, demanded by the baron. This creates a battle of fisticuffs instead of wits between Corry and Basto, with Basto taking the first few rounds. Cadet Happy wants to fight the baron instead of Buzz continuing to receive a beating.

Buzz turns the tables by using judo. After defeating Basto, Corry promises to teach him the ancient fighting style. At a feast later on, Basto is shocked to know he is considered a bandit, and agrees to return all his ill-gotten gains and free all prisoners if Buzz will return to teach him judo. Corry promises to do so, by returning weekly to deliver the lessons.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Patrol #2
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