Battle Women of Belzar

Real Name

Battle Women of Belzar

First Appearance

Space Busters #1 (Spring 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bernard Krigstein


"The Empress of Belzar, fighting with her back to the wall of space, throws into the scales of war her fiercest shock troops."

Empress of Belzar with Battle Women

Belzarian Battle Women are the "fiercest shock troops" of the Empress of Belzar.

The Empress of Belzar leads the Officers of the Battle Women, who are, as one says, "not only fierce in attack, but full of feminine guile!".

The Empress of Belzar sends her Battle Women against the Earthian Space-Busters stationed on Mars where they attempt to hold firm against the Belzarian forces.

Captain Brett Crockett and Sergeant Bolo find the front lines too quite according to a Space-Buster guard. The Battle Women attack and capture a large group of Space-Busters, including Crockett and Bolo. The prisoners are to be executed the following morning. Captain Crockett plies his charms on a battle woman named Helga. Crockett promises to take her back to Earth and enjoy "atomic refrigerators, beauty parlors." He even offers himself as enticement. The temptation is too great for Helga and she agrees to help them escape.

The escaped Space-Busters return to their lines with Helga. Helga expresses her desire to marry Captain Crockett, which Lieutenant April Wing ruffles when she hears the suggestion. Helga's interests prove fickle when her affections turn to Sergeant Bolo instead.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Busters #1
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