Public Domain Super Heroes
The Beggar King

Real Name

Count de Godard

First Appearance

America's Best Comics #31

Original Publisher


Created by

Ruben Moreira


The Beggar King ruled a gang of thieves that held Paris in its grip in the year 1640. They disguised themselves as disabled beggars to attack and rob the unwary. The Beggar King was really Count de Godard, prefect of Paris, wearing a false hook on his hand. He hoped to use his army of thieves to take over Paris, kill his rival Armand de Valeur, the Captain of the Musketeers, and take Armand's fiancee Marguerite for himself. But the Black Terror of the 17th Century and Timothy defeated and exposed him with Armand's and Marguerite's help.

Public Domain Appearances[]

  • America's Best Comics #31


  • The Beggar King's plot is remarkably similar to that of the Prince of Paupers, a foe of the Duke of Darkness.