Crack comics 30.jpg

Real Name

Biff Banks

First Appearance

Crack Comics #30 (1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Alfred Andriola


Biff was a clown in the circus with Lance Gallant (Captain Triumph and was on the verge of being fired. Gallant helped him perform a magic trick using his invisibility power. To show his appreciation, Biff decided to teach Lance how to ski not knowing he already could. While in the snow Gallant saw a fight going on and turned to Captain Triumph to investigate. As it turned out, ambassador Van Mark ,his daughter and his aid Eric Peters were assaulted by thugs. Before Captain Triumph could break up the first, Van Mark was fatally wounded. With his dying breath, he mentioned his majesty is in great danger. As Captain Triumph set out to investigate the dying man's words, Biff wound up getting involved in the case. Along the way, he learned that Lance was Triumph when he transformed in front of him. Lance asked Biff to be his assistant and the clown readily agreed.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Crack Comics #30-31, 34, 40, 53, 61

See Also

  • ComicVine 1 & 2
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