Bill Falk

Real Name

Bill Falk

First Appearance

Amazing Adventures #2 (May 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Arthur Peddy and Bernard Sachs


Jon Haljan pilots the Earth-Moon Mailship. While on vacation, he receives a startling message from Professor Grant requesting they meet, but not revealing why. When Jon arrives, he is greeted by Freddie Blake and his sister, Linda Blake.

Informing the trio of the mission, Professor Blake tells the group he wants them to go to the planet Vulcan and return with "Uranium-X". The ship is prepared, and they leave on their mission.

Added to the crew before departure are Pete Dugan and Bill Falk, who plot together against the main crew of three. Linda expresses her distrust for Bill and Pete to Jon and Freddie. Jon and Freddie dismiss her concerns.

They land the ship on the side of Vulcan not facing the sun and begin to search for Uranium-X, which Jon discovers quickly with detection equipment. Bill and Pete dig with Jon assisting and supervising. The crew put on their helmets, as the heat and air become intolerable. They begin to load the canisters of Uranium-X onto the ship, when Linda is attacked by one of the Monsters of Living Flame. The creatures die out quickly, permitting the crew to load the canisters.

Bill and Pete plan to kidnap Linda to fly the ship and return to Earth, leaving Freddie and Jon stranded on Vulcan. They lure Linda aboard the ship and grab her. When Jon and Freddie arrive, the ruffians threaten to kill Linda. They close the hatch and force Linda to take off.

The flame monsters attack Jon and Freddie as they cling to the wings of the spacecraft. The pair climb into a port Bill and Pete hadn't closed yet. When in space, they confront the pair, Dugan tries to push Jon out the hatch. Freddie and Jon turn the tables. Bill and Pete fall out of the hatch into space. Jon and Freddie can't save the pair.

Returning to Earth, Jon comments on the view with his arm over Linda's shoulder. Linda says the planet looks beautiful. Freddie says Jon and Linda look like a beautiful couple.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #2
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