Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Flash Dexter

First Appearance

BIRD-MAN Nº 1 (1964)

Original Publisher

Editorial Dayca

Created by

H. G. Oesterheld and Eugenio Zoppi


Flash Dexter was a lawyer with many contacts in high places, both in the legal world, and the criminal underworld. He has a knife with magic powers, and so he decided to become a masked hero, defender of justice, known as Bird-Man.


His magic knife alerts him of any immediate danger or any event that may require his presence. The knife can send repelling waves at his enemies, allows Bird-man to fly, can analyze living organisms and also has a vast amount of knowledge over several subjects. The knife can also produce an elecrto magnetic force field. Bird-man has a special autogyro like vehicle called the Bird-gyro.


Both creators are dead (or, in the case of H. G. Oesterheld, "legally" dead) thus, making the character an orphan work.

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