Public Domain Super Heroes
The Bird of Paradise

Real Name

Lorna La Verne

First Appearance

Power Comics #1 (June 1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Fred Morgan


A trapeze artist & diver at Blaine's Circus, Lorna La Verne aka: The Bird of Paradise was torn between Mr. Grier, a phoney press man who wasn't showcasing her enough and Alex Blaine, manager of the circus. Lorna loved Grier and Blaine loved Lorna. While putting on her show in front of a circus full of spectators, Lorna missed the tank she was to dive into and fell to her death.

It was eventually revealed that Blaine had her killed out of jealousy in an attempt to frame Grier. Injecting Lorna with a drug that impaired eyesight, Blaine made sure she wouldn't have been able to see the tank. After Rajah, the circus elephant, seriously injured Blaine (in retaliation for Blaine once whipping the circus dog, Queenie, who was Rajah's friend), Blaine confessed the crime to the police and then also died.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Power Comics #1


  • For being the title character of the story, Lorna really didn't get much screen time!