The Black Arrow

Real Name

Richard "Dick" Shelton

First Appearance

"The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses" in Young Folks (June 30, 1883)

Original Publisher

Created by

Robert Louis Stevenson


Born in 1442, Richard is the son of Sir Harry Shelton, and heir of Tunstall. Richard became the ward of Sir Daniel Brackley, not knowing the Brackley was actually the man who murdered his father. When Richard learns the truth, he joins an outlaw gang known as The Black Arrows of Tunstall Forest, organized by Ellis Duckworth, and soon Richard becomes their leader. With the Black Arrows, Richard attempts to rescue Joanna Sedley from Brackley. He is knighted by Richard Crookback in the course of the Battle of Shoreby. The Black Arrows eventually manage to rescue Joanna, and she is married to Richard. Ellis Duckworth later kills Sir Daniel Brackley with the last black arrow.

Physically, Richard Shelton is described as "sun-browned and grey-eyed." Richard and the Black Arrows carried bows or crossbows, that fire black arrows. The distinctly colored weapons also serve as the group's calling card.


The other members of the Black Arrows include Ducksworth, Will Lawless, Christopher "Kit" Greensheve and John Capper.

Public Domain Films

The Black Arrow (1911)

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