The Black Bat

Real Name

Jean Dupre

First Appearance

Feature Comics #43 (April, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Art Pinajian


When Jean Dupre's mother married an old man who's ranch was sitting on major radium deposits, they though they would be rich once he died. However, he left the ranch to his daughter, Marie. In order to scare Marie away from the ranch, Jean created a story about a giant king of the black bats who would one day descend from his cave and kill all the locals. He then dressed up in a black bat costume to make the legend come to life. However, their plan went awry when Sgt. Jim Reynolds of the mounted police came to investigate the sightings of the Black Bat.

In the Black Bat suit, Jean could glide on air like a real bat. He was a better fighter than Sgt. Reynolds of the mounted police, beating him twice. He was also able to carry Marrie almost as fast as Reynolds could run. He made his headquarters in a deep series of caves in the mountains of the American Northwest.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Feature Comics #43
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