The Black Cobra

Real Name

James “Jim” Hornsby

First Appearance

November 24, 2010

Created by

Vito Delsante & Ricardo Vinancio


The Black Cobra/James “Jim” Hornsby:

  • District Attorney/crimefighter.

No one is sure if he’s related to #2 or not (he may even BE #2), but if he is, he’d have to be #2's son. Jim and his younger brother, Bobby, teamed up in the early days leading up to the US involvement in World War 2 to fight crime stateside. Jim was killed in action by Nazis on US soil.


  • The Black Cobra (3) is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish however, you must give the creators, Vito Delsante & Ricardo Vinancio, credit.
  • In 2010, comic book writer Vito Delsante chose to create 35 new characters that he would voluntarily release into the public domain. The Black Cobra (3) was #27.
  • The character appeared in Sage LaTorra's video game Syntax Error.
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