Black Cobra
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Real Name

Daniel Nakamura

First Appearance

KnightRandom's Flikr Stream (December 2, 2010)

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A hundred years in the future, massive political and economic upheaval has cleared the way for King Snakeroot's organization COIL to take over the world. Daniel Nakamura was once a high-ranking lieutenant in COIL but turned against it when his own family were purged as suspected dissidents.

Now he fights for freedom in the guise of the legendary figure who, it is said, once fought and defeated King Snakeroot, whose memory is harshly suppressed but who is still spoken of in hushed whispers among all those who fear and resent the power of COIL... the Black Cobra.


  • Inspired by Vito Delsante's version of the Black Cobra dynasty, this version of the Black Cobra is public domain and available for use by anyone.

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