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Black Hood
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Real Name

Kip Burland

First Appearance

Top-Notch Comics #9 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Shorten and Al Camy


Kip Burland was a New York police officer framed for a crime he never committed by the Skull, a notorious criminal. Kip was let go from the force, but attempted to clear his name by finding the Skull. Burland finds the Skull after searching for some time and attempts to thwart a robbery of a fur store but ended up being shot eight times and left for dead in the woods by the Skull and his thugs.

He was found by the Hermit who lived in the woods in a cabin and treated for his wounds.While recovering Kip tells his tale to the Hermit who also reveals his ordeal with the villain.The old man decides to train Kip Burland to become a crime fighter. After many months of training Burland used his new persona, the Black Hood, to clear his name and becomes a police officer again.

Kip continued to fight crime as both Black Hood and a cop until he was unmasked by Needlenoodle. After losing his secret identity, Burland opened up a detective agency, and stopped wearing his costume. His enemies included Animal Man, Blackbeard, Book Worm, the Crow, the Gourmet, Markov, the Mist, Needlenoodle, and the Skull. Kip Burland had a girlfriend named Barbara Sutton who became a reporter to help the Black Hood.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Top-Notch Comics #9-44
  • Black Hood Comics #9-19
  • Jackpot Comics #1-9
  • Pep Comics #48-51, 59-60

The Canadian Black Hood.


  • The Canadian version of the Black Hood was identical to the American version except he wore a red and black costume.
  • Black Hood was the only MLJ hero feature in any media outside comics. He starred in his own pulp magazine originally called Black Hood Detective but it was re-named Hooded Detective with the second issue.
    • Black Hood also starred in his own radio show for several months during 1943.

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