The Black Hoods

Real Names

Crosby and Fletcher, others unknown

First Appearance

Crusader from Mars #2 (1952)

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The Black Hoods were a xenophobic gang from the town of Cottonwood led by a man named Crosby. They were powerful enough that even the authorities were afraid to stop them. Jealous of the success of the local farmers of Pennsylvania Dutch descent,they terrorized them killing Carl Snyder and going after Albert Reiner another farmer.

The Crusader from Mars and Zira stepped in to help him. After thwarting the hood's attempt to take Reiner from his home the crusader tries to go to the F.B.I but his appeal for help is dismissed. Taking matters into his own hands the crusader confronts the black hoods who have abducted zira and Reiner from the farm and are about to hang them. Using his alien technology he defeats the hoods and arrests Crosby. He takes him back to Mars to dig canals as penalty for his crimes, without him the Black Hoods fell apart.


Public Domain Appearances

  • Crusader from Mars #2
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