Black Jack

Real Name

Jack Jones

First Appearance

Zip Comics #20 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Camy


Jack Jones was a police detective who went by the nickname Black Jack because he was a known card-player. However while he enjoyed playing cards, Jack was an honest cop. After being betrayed by a fellow policeman, he was imprisoned in a wall by Lucky Lavitto's men. However, he managed to break himself free by using his playing card to cut an air hole so he could wait to be rescued. He allowed the crooks to believe him dead. Because his card saved his life he became the card-themed crime fighter takes up the identity of Black Jack to fight crime and captures the gangsters and crooked cop. He had no superpowers.

Black Jack's villains included Cleopatra, King of Diamonds, Lucky Lavitto, Poker Face, Deuces Wilde, The Black Seven, and Clubfoot.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Zip Comics #20-35

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