The Black Knight

Real Name

Unknown (possibly Peter)

First Appearance

The Funnies #47 (September 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Erwin L. Hess


The Black Knight was once a simple young smithy, who saved his king from an assassination plot, and was secretly knighted for it. As a knight, he hid his identity with a mask, but loyaly served King Victor of England. The Black Knight considered himself a spiritual and righteous man. However, he also made a point of telling people that no man had seen his true face and lived to tell of it. After many adventures in England, he travelled to Egypt, where he defended the Queen from Mongols.

Powers and Abilities

The Black Knight possessed the skills and weapons common to a knight of the middle ages. He wore chainmail armor, carried a sword and was a skilled rider, as well as a courageous and resourceful fighter. He also carried a bow and was a deadly accurate archer. He rode a horse named Charger.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Funnies #47-62
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