The Black Knight

Real Name

Dr. Conrad Krueger

First Appearance

Captain Flash #2 (March, 1955)

Original Publisher


Created by

Mike Sekowsky


Conrad Krueger was one of the most brilliant scientists in the world, and an authority on knighthood and the medieval ages. However, he was eventually sent to a state mental institution due to his dangerous obsession with the idea of conquering the world. After escaping the institution, he formed a gang, and armed them with scientifically advanced weapons. As The Black Knight, Conrad led his men on raids of banks, armored cars and the like, operating out of a castle he had built many years before. The Black Knight and his men rode on flying rocket sleds and carried electrified lances and swords that could smash through the door of a safe. They all wore chain mail armor and carried a shield, which made them impervious to the bullets of conventional firearms. However, the knight had an obsession with speaking in old English and obeying the knight's code. This led to him accepting a public challenge from Captain Flash. With his weapons, he was more than a match for Captain Flash, however, he was no match for a giant magnet. After their battle, the Black Knight fell off the dam and disappeared into the water. Krueger later returned (now called "Konrad Krueger"), although no longer using the Black Knight persona. His new plan involved using a giant robot spider to capture planes in its web. He then held the passengers as slaves and forced them to build a city inside a mountain. Captain Flash was investigating the disappearances when he to was caught by the spider, defeated it and destroyed Krueger's city while freeing the slaves. Krueger seemed to be left in the city as it was destroyed.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Flash #2, 4

Krueger's slave-built city


This Black Knight character bears a certain similarity in concept to the Black Knight of Marvel's Masters of Evil. However, Marvel's character did not appear until 1964.

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