The Black Knight

Real Name

Sir Robert, Earl of Denhope

First Appearance

The Black Knight #1 (1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ernest Schroeder

Golden Age Origin


Cover to I.W. Publishing's re-print of Black Knight.

Sir Robert, the Black Knight was a rich man before he left for the crusades, but when he returned to England, he found himself a pauper, pawning the souvenirs he had collected during his adventures. He eventually became a mercenary knight, fighting in feudal battles.

The Black Knight was an extraordinary sword fighter and horse rider. He wore distinctive black armor, which was well known to all. Robert believed his intelligence and his faith in his lord would make him more successful than listening to the the prophecies of druids and observing superstitions.

Golden Age Appearances

  • The Black Knight #1
  • Black Knight (1963 series) #11 (I.W. Publishing)
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