Black Orchid
The Black Orchid

Real Name

Diana Dawn

First Appearance

Tops Comics (unnumbered)(1944)

Original Publisher

Consolidated Book Publishers

Created by

Albert Magarian & Florence Magarian


Preparing for Battle


Somehow her clothes have come off -- again!

Golden Age Origin

Glamorous Diana Dawn, district attorney Richard Day's secretary, was - unbeknownst to him - masquerading as the mysterious female sleuth the Black Orchid. She solved crimes with the aid of a magic ring that contains "black gas" that knocked out her opponents.

In her first adventure, Black Orchid took on (the somewhat unfortunately named) Doctor Arso to regain some stolen surgical papers; and she fought zombies, too. In the second adventure, she battled a man named Carson (and his Torchmen) who had kidnapped a scientist.

Unlike many heroes, Black Orchid wore a multi-piece costume made up of a skirt, an overcoat and a leotard. It was a good thing, too, because her overcoat and skirt always got damaged during the course of her stories, forcing her to discard them.

Golden Age Appearances

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