Public Domain Super Heroes
The Black Owl
Prize 40.jpg

Real Name

Walt Walters

First Appearance

Prize Comics #34 (Sep 1943)

Original Publisher

Prize Comics

Created by

Paul Norris


Walt Walters and his family were taken hostage by a group of Hitler supporters shortly after the birth of his twin sons, Rick and Dick Walters.  His wife was killed by their abductors and a heartbroken Walt swore to raise his sons as exemplars of goodness and steadfast defenders of democratic values.

When the war broke out in Europe, his two sons wanted to do their part of their own country, but, both being 16 at the time, were too young to enlist, so unknown to Walt, they put on costumes and fought the enemy in the U.S. 

Later Doug Danville, the original Black Owl, enlists in the army, retiring from crime-fighting and he passes the mantle of the Black Owl to Walt Walters. Walt assumes the role of the Black Owl, fighting side by side with his twin sons, Yank and Doodle, who were already experienced crime-fighters by that time. Eventually, Walt decides to retire from the hero business as well after being side-lined with a bullet wound, leaving Yank and Doodle to their own adventures again.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Prize Comics #13-33 (as Walt Walters)
  • Prize Comics #34-53, 55-64, 66-67 (as Black Owl II)

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