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Black Phantom
Black Phantom and her assistant Beast

Real Name


First Appearance

Tim Holt #25 (1951)

Original Publisher

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Frank Bolle


The Black Phantom was a train robber who worked with a minion named Beast who wielded a bullwhip. She had a twin sister named Jicilla who was a dancer and singer at a saloon as well as a sweetheart to Tim Holt's friend Chito. However when Chito arrives to pick Jicilla up for their date he instead sees her twin Helena in her Black Phantom costume. The Black Phantom orders her men to kill him by dumping down the well, but Tim Holt sees them carry his friend off and saves him as the Red Mask. Beast and the Black Phantom's other men are defeated and so to escape capture Helena jumps off a cliff seemingly perishing. However, she later returns.

While she started her career as an adversary of the western hero Red Mask. Soon however her relationship with Red Mask become similar to Valkyrie's with Airboy or Catwoman's to Batman. She eventually became Red Mask's crime fighting partner.

Cover to Black Phantom #1

Public Domain Appearances

  • Tim Holt #25-41
  • Black Phantom #1
  • Red Mask # 42-54

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