Black Tarantula

Real Name

Count Zoraster Rorret

First Appearance

Feature Presentation #5 (April 1950)

Original Publisher


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Count Rorret was born in the year 1101, but he somehow managed to cheat death, returning to the land of the living with vast new powers, that he developed over time. His mission in the world of the living was to kill anyone he deemed too good or beautiful. He hates goodness and warmth. Other people he killed in order to make them his allies in the underworld.

For several centuries, Count Rorret was imprisoned in a tomb beneath the Minnerville Castle, bound within a casket with a hood over his head so that he could not see. However, he eventually managed to escape this prison.

Powers and Abilities

The Black Tarantula's powers included hypnosis and the ability to transform into a huge black tarantula with an instantly fatal bite. He could also summon spirits and man-eating demons, who obeyed his commands. He could control fire, turn people to stone and turn people into various kinds of animals. He also had the ability to reverse the effects of any of these enchantments. However, The Black Tarantula's powers were limited to what he could physically see, so blinding him robbed him of all of his abilities.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Feature Presentations #5
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