Public Domain Super Heroes
The Black Thorn

Real Name

Henry Hawley

First Appearance

Wow Comics #3 (Fall, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Binder? Otto Binder?


Henry Hawley was the manager of the "Defend America League" which was actually a front for the "Destroy America League," a fifth column organization. As The Black Thorn, Hawley managed to steal the Mummy Ray rifle from its mad inventor, Phineas Cox. The Mummy Ray could instanty dehydrate a man, essentially mummifying him. Black Thorn used the ray to kill a number of American soldiers and to successfully blow up a munitions plant. He even managed to defeat Mr. Scarlet in combat, though he was taken into custody after being knocked out from behind by Phineas Cox.

Later, the Black Thorn was broken out of "El Catraz" Penitentiary by The Brain and recruited to join the Death Battalion. Although Mr. Scarlet had destroyed the Mummy Ray rifle, and instructed Phineas Cox not to build another one, The Black Thorn somehow managed to get another one, and successfully assassinate the target that he was given by The Brain. When confronted by Mr. Scarlet, The Black Thorn once again managed to knock him out and take him captive. After Mr. Scarlet was freed by his sidekick Pinky, the two heroes managed to escape and came back to the Death Batallion's lair dressed as Horned Hood and Laughing Skull. The pair of heroes managed to defeat the Death Batallion in an ambush, but it is unclear what happened to The Black Thorn.

The Black Thorn was a good fighter and could use the "thorn" on his head as a weapon.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Wow Comics #3 (1941)
  • America's Greatest Comics #1 (1941)