Black Wings/Night Devils

Real Names

Lt. Dan Cork and Lt. Tom Harrow

First Appearance

War Comics #4 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by


Golden Age Origin


The Black Wings as they appear in War Comics #4

The Black Wings, later called the Night Devils, were British special Agents 5 and 9, a.k.a. Lt. Dan Cork and Lt. Tom Harrow. In their first published appearance, the agents parachuted into Berlin to destroy a German camouflage factory and in their second adventure they helped to extract an English spy, Agent 4-73, from enemy territory.

Golden Age Appearances

  • War Comics #4 (as the Black Wings)
  • War Stories #5-8 (as the Night Devils)


  • The name of the feature changed from Black Wings to Night Devils with War Stories #5.

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