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Real Name

Edward Teach or Thatch


c. 1680


November 22, 1718

Historical Background[]

Blackbeard is probably the most notorious pirate in history, well known for his ruthlessness. He was an Englishman who operated primarily in the West Indies and the Caribbean. He captured a French ship and renamed it the "Queen Anne's Revenge." He eventually awarded himself the title commodore after building a small pirate fleet. In his final battle, he was found to have been shot 5 times, and cut about 20. His decapitated head was hung from a bowsprit.

Public Domain Appearances[]

Public Domain Comic Appearances[]

  • Real Life Comics #6
  • Real Clue Crime Stories vol.3 #12
  • Feature Comics #51
  • Captain Kidd #24: The true story of Blackbeard.
  • Operation: Peril #6: The true story of Blackbeard.
  • Airboy Comics vol. 8 #10: An adventure taking place during Blackbeards time.
  • Slam-Bang Comics #3: Blackbeard encounters the time travelling Mark Swift.
  • Airboy Comics vol. 3 #6 [29]: Blackbeard sits on a jury of infamous villains summoned by the Devil to judge Skywolf.
  • Prize Comics vol. 3 #3 [27]: The spirit of Blackbeard (misidentified as "Bluebeard") is summoned by Mephistopholes to battle the Green Lama.

Public Domain Appearances of Modern Blackbeards[]


A modern criminal who adopted the Blackbeard identity.

  • Pep Comics #51: A 20th century criminal using the Blackbeard identity battles the Black Hood.
  • Modern Comics #72: A 20th century criminal using the Blackbeard identity battles Blackhawk.
  • Ken Stuart #1: 20th century sea adventurer Ken Stuart encounters a ship of murderous criminals playing Blackbeard and the crew of the Revenge for a movie. They use real pirate tactics in their quest for treasure.
  • Crack Comics #16: A criminal from the future uses the Blackbeard identity and battles Rock Braddon.

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