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Real Name

Edward Teach or Thatch


c. 1680


November 22, 1718

Historical Background

Blackbeard is probably the most notorious pirate in history, well known for his ruthlessness. He was an Englishman who operated primarily in the West Indies and the Caribbean. He captured a French ship and renamed it the "Queen Anne's Revenge." He eventually awarded himself the title commodore after building a small pirate fleet. In his final battle, he was found to have been shot 5 times, and cut about 20. His decapitated head was hung from a bowsprit.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Real Life Comics #6
  • Real Clue Crime Stories vol.3 #12
  • Feature Comics #51
  • Captain Kidd #24: The true story of Blackbeard.
  • Operation: Peril #6: The true story of Blackbeard.
  • Airboy Comics vol. 8 #10: An adventure taking place during Blackbeards time.
  • Slam-Bang Comics #3: Blackbeard encounters the time travelling Mark Swift.
  • Thrilling Comics #16: Blackbeard battles the time travelling Ghost.
  • Startling Comics #8: Blackbeard encounters the time travelling Ace Buckley.
  • Exciting Comics #22: Blackbeard brought to the 20th Century and enhanced to cause chaos and fight the American Eagle.
  • Airboy Comics vol. 3 #6 [29]: Blackbeard sits on a jury of infamous villains summoned by the Devil to judge Skywolf.
  • Prize Comics vol. 3 #3 [27]: The spirit of Blackbeard (misidentified as "Bluebeard") is summoned by Mephistopholes to battle the Green Lama.

Public Domain Appearances of Modern Blackbeards

A modern criminal who adopted the Blackbeard identity.

  • Pep Comics #51: A 20th century criminal using the Blackbeard identity battles the Black Hood.
  • Modern Comics #72: A 20th century criminal using the Blackbeard identity battles Blackhawk.
  • Ken Stuart #1: 20th century sea adventurer Ken Stuart encounters a ship of murderous criminals playing Blackbeard and the crew of the Revenge for a movie. They use real pirate tactics in their quest for treasure.
  • Crack Comics #16: A criminal from the future uses the Blackbeard identity and battles Rock Braddon.

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