Real Name

Basil Brusilof

First Appearance

Captain Battle #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Don Rico


Basil Brusilof, a Yugoslavian scientist, was in his lab in Belgrade when it was bombed by the Germans. The explosion did not kill him; instead, he was changed and given powers. His body became pitch black and endowed with amazing abilities, which he decided to use to fight German oppression during the war.

Powers and Abilities

As Blackout, Basil was super-strong, had natural camouflage in darkness, and possessed night vision. Blackout was able to emit a heavy dark vapor which he calls "Blackout Gas" from the pores of his skin. In addition to forming highly effective smoke screens, he was able to use this gas to provide enough thrust for him to fly like a rocket. On one occasion, Blackout was able to escape from an air tight trap by emitting so much Blackout Gas that the pressure of it burst the room open.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Battle Comics #1, 3, 5


  • Some sources claim that Basil became covered in hair after his transformation, but the text in story clarified that his skin had darkened not become covered in thick dark fur. The hair seen in some of the artwork could simply be regular body hair.

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