Public Domain Super Heroes
Blargo the Lawless

Real Name


First Appearance

Planet Comics #59 (March 1949)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

John Douglas


Sometime in the late 21st century, on the small planetoid Oceania, Blargo was the captain in charge of the "fishermen", an outlaw band trafficking in illegal oddities salvaged from the depths below. Until the day their best customer, the infamous space raider Omma, returned with Yrina and a captive Futura. Alongside his subordinates, Blargo watched with great alarm as the spaceship narrowly avoided crashing into their domed tower headquarters before plunging into the ocean.

As Futura made her way along the ocean floor she was beset by aquatic creatures before the fisher-men brought her and the "specimens" into a special tank inside the tower. Grateful, she asked them to help her return home but Blargo claimed the beautiful Earth girl as his "queen" and leaned in for a kiss. She immediately sent him tumbling and managed to fight her way to a small submarine craft and escape. Soon pursued personally by Blargo warning her of danger ahead, desperately swearing he would grant her freedom, Futura saw his craft end up captured by a giant sea creature.

Ignoring Blargo's shouts that she save herself, Futura charged her own craft full speed at the beast and bailed out. Saved from a watery gravy with moments to spare the unconscious Blargo was then carried on Futura's back, waking as the two were grabbed by the subhuman monsters of the Mystery Sands. The captain proved himself a brave and loyal companion to Futura in the adventures that followed.

Powers and Abilities

Blargo was a tenacious brawler, able to take on at least four men simultaneously on a couple of occasions. He most likely spoke the Trans-Cosmos language and had considerable skill at operating futuristic ships, guiding Futura in managing a ship from a different culture that they were commandeering.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Planet Comics #59-64


  • It is unknown if Captain Blargo was a native of Oceania. Like many non-Earthlings in his universe, he appeared completely human.
  • Despite his skill at brawling, he was never shown to seek out or enjoy violence.
  • It is unknown if Blargo is his first, last, or only name.