Blind as a Bat

Real Name

Victoria Bruce

First Appearance

The 30 Characters Challenge Facebook Page (June 12, 2013)

Created by

Carter-Ethan Rankin


Blind since birth, Vicky Bruce decided to undergo an experimental treatment to provide her with eyesight... using bat DNA.

Although not gaining eyesight, per se, she was "rewarded" with the ability to guide herself in the dark by means of a sonar system. She can also "see" the blood boil in others at the very moment they decide to do something criminal! By sucking the blood out of them, she prevents their heinous act from being committed and feeds herself at the same time!

Her twin brother recently chose to undergo the same treatment with similar physical but, seriously adverse mental, effects.

Powers and Abilities

As she flies, she emits a high, squeaking sound, unable to be heard by human ears. As the sound travels outward, it hits objects and bounces back. These sound waves tell her where objects are so they can be avoided.


  • Blind as a Bat is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.
  • In 2013, Carter-Ethan Rankin chose to create 30 new characters that he would voluntarily release into the public domain. Blind as a Bat was #12.

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