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Captain jack sparrow123 Captain jack sparrow123 11 hours ago

James Bond list of PD materials?

Can someone compile a list of James Bond materials and when they enter the Public Domain? Aside from the novels themselves ofcourse, i would be really interested in knowing when the first James Bond films and the 1967 Casino Royale spoof (there's actually already two (1, 2) promotional images from that film related to Niven's Bond that are pd, possibly the Niven iteration maybe pd then?) enter public domain and how the pd status will differ from country to country?

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Seanmyster6 Seanmyster6 18 days ago

Historical figures as "Heroes"/"Villains": yay or nay?

Recently, I've noticed that there seems to be some disagreement on whether or not this wiki should assign hero/villain alignments to people who existed in real life.

On the one hand, it makes sense for a wiki such as this to categorize real-life people by how they're commonly portrayed in fictional media, especially ones as infamous as Attila the Hun or Adolf Hitler.

But on the other hand, the argument has been made that, since real-life history is so much more nuanced than fiction, who are we to truly decide who's a "hero" and who's a "villain" among historical figures?

So, I think we should try to definitively decide as a community whether or not to categorize real-life historical figures as "Heroes" and "Villains". (In the former case, it …

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The One and Only Brett The One and Only Brett 28 days ago

Copyrighted characters by the year they will enter the public domain

List of fictional characters by the year they would enter into the public domain in the United States based on the current copyright laws. However, it may not be the case in other countries, for this see the list of copyright terms of countries on Wikipedia.

Characters introduced before 1978 or whose first appearance is an anonymous work, pseudonymous work or work made for hire. |Son Goku and other characters from Dragon Ball |Akira Toriyama |March 1, 2024 |}

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Doriangrey1387 Doriangrey1387 24 days ago

List to add to the missing characters of the Fate Franchise

Hello, I considered the following a list for myself, I plan to add the missing characters from the Fate Franchise in the Wiki, in case you are interested in adding any, no problem do so.

I will divide the list as follows: Characters that are already on the Wiki, Characters that have comics, books, movies, etc. in popular culture, Characters that have some multimedia in the public domain and Characters that only have their original work in the public domain.

I will put the characters in the following way: first a link to their article (if it is on the Wiki, if not I will just put their name in a red link), next to, their article for the Fate Wiki and finally below those that are not are in the Wiki, sources to make the article.

Thanks for read…

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Doriangrey1387 Doriangrey1387 19 February

Question about adding some Characters

Hello, I wanted to ask if the following characters or people could be added to the Wiki without any problem, I got all of these from the Free Universe talk page.

  • 1 Apparently they were in the process
  • 2 Superheroes of the golden age
  • 3 Golden Age Sci-fi/Space Heroes
  • 4 Historical Figures

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Joan of Arc
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Sir Gareth
  • Sir Gawain
  • Undine

  • Professor Spindrift: Police Comics #60 (November, 1946) Jack Cole
  • War Wheel: Blackhawk
  • Magnificus: Captain Marvel
  • Mr. Jeepers: Captain Marvel

  • Rocket Boys
  • Space Scout

  • Jim Bowie
  • Jim Bridger
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Pawnee Bill
  • Crazy Horse
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Pancho Villa
  • Betty Zane
  • Molly Pitcher
  • Blueskin Levi West
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Doriangrey1387 Doriangrey1387 1 February

Record of Ragnarok Category?

Hello, I think in my opinion that a category for Record of Ragnarok would be quite good, it has a wide variety of characters from Zeus, Jack the Ripper or Lucifer, what do you think?

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Doriangrey1387 Doriangrey1387 1 February

Fate (Series) Category?

Hello, I've thought about this a little and I think it would be good to have a category for the Fate franchise, they have a large number of characters and people that they use in their content, from Geronimo to Hercules and Sherlock Holmes, what do you think?

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VannytheMamabunny15 VannytheMamabunny15 28 January

Learn more about trademarks please guys!

Okay how is "Winnie-the-Pooh" not allowed in marketing?! This is not how trademarks work! seriously i think Cebr is on crack or something but trademarks can't stop you from using Names in marketing since the Blood and Honey movie got away with it. Trademarks only apply to brand confusion, If your only adapting the Winnie-the-Pooh a.a milne version you SHOULD still be able to use his name.

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Gr3y Cumulo-Nimbus Gr3y Cumulo-Nimbus 25 January

Guys... Jeff the Killer is in the public domain (and he was there a long time ago)

The character of Jeff the Killer isn't copyrighted (not even trademarked, not even the name "Jeff the Killer"). Jeff himself isn't owned by Sesseur nor GameFuelTv (THEIR versions are). He was in the public domain a long time ago, since he's based on a modified image with no author and people used him on commercial works without needing Sesseur nor GameFuelTv, not even mentioning them in the first place. So besides the Rake (and the fears from the Fear Mythos), Jeff is another Internet creepypasta who's in the public domain (his nemesis Slender Man isn't so lucky, though, as well as probably Jane the Killer and Homicidal Liu, since they all actually have owners). Just don't use any copyrighted material and you'll be fine.

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Doriangrey1387 Doriangrey1387 24 January

characters from Greek mythology

Hello, I have a question, were these pages (Cronus, Rhea, Demeter, etc.) deleted or did they have to be deleted? And if they were deleted, why was it done? Most of them appeared in comics, web comics and many comics. of superheroes. Doriangrey1387 [Talk] 05:30, 24 January 2024 (UTC)

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Undertale14141 Undertale14141 21 January

Can someone fix the Garfield page please?

Some troll is claiming Garfield is not Public domain and the Jon Comics had a notice in them, but the published versions found online had none and is easily confirmed.

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DollyDalmatian148014 DollyDalmatian148014 9 January

Why is Cebr a bad admin?

The dude deleted Minnie, Peter Rabbit, and others pages (even ones with GOOD grammer) even though those characters are actually public domain, and same goes for thinking trademarks means names can't be used in titles, When according to the Dastar lawsuit. it only applies for Brand Confusion (so Pooh's name can still be used in the title.)

Idk, but he is a terrible admin and needs to be demoted.

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DollyDalmatian148014 DollyDalmatian148014 7 January

Can we add the Beatrix Potter Characters here along with some other characters that had pages before being deleted for what's not?

for some reason, There was a page on Peter Rabbit. but was deleted due to.. whatever Cebr was doing.

We are forgetting Characters that ARE public domain but not here, and a misunderstanding about trademarks the Wiki is somewhat forgetting about.

Characters that should be added:

  1. Beatrix Potter Characters
  2. Other Winnie-the-Pooh Characters OTHER than Christopher Robin
  3. Clarabelle Cow
  4. Scrooge McDuck's prototype from Spirit of 43 (the only Public Domain Donald Cartoon.
  5. Igor (Stock Character)

Also to fix up the trademark claims and other problems that the Wiki is stating and need to improve on.

  1. They claim how you can infringe on a trademark just for using a name in a title, while true. isn't always the real way a Trademark is infringed, it only applies for…

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LogiTeeka LogiTeeka 14 September 2023


I don’t know if this is legal or not, but the revelation of DC’s “Fables” becoming public domain caught my eye. It might be something to pay attention to.

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YagiDevil69 YagiDevil69 14 September 2022

Question regarding adaptations of Public Domain works

The character on the top is Long John Silver, from Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson). The one on the bottom is Pinocchio, from The Adventures of Pinocchio (Carlo Collodi). This got me thinking: if I ever watched any adaptation of both respective works, could I still know what the stories are about if I ever wanna make my own adaptation(s)? I'd love to hear from the people in charge of the wiki.
Thanks a bunch!😉

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IndiGoat IndiGoat 28 February

Can anyone tell me which of these Captain Marvel characters are NOT in the public domain

With the help of this page, I know that Black Adam is owned by DC because the license on 1945's Marvel Family #1 was renewed, however as for characters that aren't owned by DC, I'm pretty sure there are some that this wiki is missing.

My problem is not really knowing how to find out which ones (other than maybe guessing that Georgia Sivana, Thaddeus Sivana, Jr., Oggar, Mister Atom, Tawky Tawny, King Kull and other characters made after Black Adam are owned by DC).

Anyway, does anyone think that any of the Crocodile Men (Herkimer, Sylvester and Jorrk), Evil Eye, Goat-Man or Jeepers have a place on this wiki (or at least the Monster Society of Evil in general)?

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FraBig FraBig 11 October 2020

Discussion Board on the PDSH Wiki

Hello everyone, I wanted to propose to ask for a Discussion Board for this wiki.

First of all, a Discussion Board is the easiest and best way to ask for every doubt and question about anything concerning Public Domain Super Heroes and it can be a great opportunity to socialize and create a nice place for everyone to talk about comic book heroes that are now in the Public Domain, like people talk about Marvel and DC characters in the Marvel or DC Databases here on Fandom.

I've been around the Marvel and DC wikis for more than a year now and I enjoy my time there. However, I'm also a great Golden Age fan and I love the heroes published by MLJ, Nedor, Centaur, Quality, etc. and it would be amazing to have the chance to talk about them in a comm…

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Ycthk Ycthk 1 April 2020

PD - character vs background story of character


I was wondering, when a super hero is PD, does it mean only the character image is PD, or that the entire background story and "specifications" of it are also PD?

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Heckfire Heckfire 3 November 2019

Where is Mr. Monster?

Hey, I noticed that I can't locate the article for Mr. Monster anymore...I know the later version by Michael T. Gilbert isn't in the Public Domain, but the original "Doc Jim Stearne" version was becasue I've been using him for my own projects for years.Can you remove a character from the Public Domain?

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IsabellaFiskeMcFarlin IsabellaFiskeMcFarlin 1 September 2019

Girl Commandoes

This comic strip wasn't created by Jill Elgin, as it states on the Girl Commandoes Fandom page. My mother, Barbara Hall, also known as B. Hall, drew the strip till 1943. Jill Elgin took over from Barbara when she abruptly decided, at the urging of my father, Irving Fiske, writer and playwright, that she become a full-time painter.

See The Great Female Cartoonists and Babes in Arms by   Trina Robbins, cartoonist and comics historian.

Does anyone know how to arrange for this mistake to be corrected? I'd be grateful for your help. Thanks,

Ladybelle (Isabella Fiske McFarlin)

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DeltaSquad5 DeltaSquad5 21 April 2019

If you could make a film/show/game starring Public Domain characters, what would you do?

(I'm posting this as a blog as for some reason, this Wiki has neither a forum or a discussions section).

Since the majority of characters and stories just seem to be sat here in the public domain - gathering virtual dust as it were - until someone comes along to get inspiration or try to use said characters in a book, tv show/special, film or game, with some characters (such as King Arthur and Robin Hood) getting pulled out of the PD for new properties fairly often while others are consequently ignored.

With the possibility in the future that the public domain will start to "shrink" as people not only begin to try and take characters out of the PD but take them out permanently, I'm curious to ask about ways in which you'd like to see one or m…

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SD2416 SD2416 13 December 2018

Character Creator program for those of us that cant draw?


I was wondering if anyone had any success with a program, app, software, etc that allowed those of us that cannot draw to be able to create/edit characters?

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Mhunt0 Mhunt0 10 November 2018

Tomboy.. and others

hello,  I like many old characters that are currently public domain and I've used some on my webcomic.

My webomic, about my own character "Kinetics" can be seem here:

The public domain characters that  I used so far are Tomboy and Madame Doom, you can see the strip here:

My taste for these old charcters started when I discovered the "Femforce" comic by AC Comics.

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Gummy Cat15 Gummy Cat15 2 June 2018

Where is Omega Frost?

Hi I am new here and I really liked the character Omega Frost (or  Decker Jackson). Got deleted I was wondering why? If anyone could tell me that would make me every happy.

Thanks for reading!

Gummy Cat15-

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Lawrenzlano Lawrenzlano 20 March 2018

What's the point in editing??

I was just wondering what was the point of editing a character if the changes and information you provide get deleted by the administrator?

I recently edited the character Dr Frost to include new information about him and the changes were dismissed. Dr Frost started out as a Public Domain character but was given new life by IronGate Comics and is presently featured in one of their comic. An expanded origin story is also available.

Shouldn't this information be included in the Wiki? Why was it deleted? The administrator should have at least, given me a reason for this deletion. 

If they don't want us to add pertinent information, then remove the editing function.

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Cebr1979 Cebr1979 3 June 2017

Deleting this from/Changing the PDSH

People... Here's how it is:

I've had it with this "These need to go"/"I don't want these here"/"This wiki needs to change" posts.

Everything that's here... has been here longer than every single one of you (and me)! The way this wiki is now is the way this wiki was created or later upgraded to by public vote.

If you don't like the way this wiki is... STOP COMING HERE!

I don't come to your house and tell you what furniture needs to go in the garbage because it's ugly so stop coming to this wiki and saying [these types] of character bios need to be deleted or moved somewhere else.

From here on out: anyone who does that will be blocked indefinitely and that should make them happy because they clearly aren't happy coming here anyhow.

I'm not saying …

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FutureFunk FutureFunk 31 May 2017

Hi, I'm new here.

Well actually, I've been reading the site since last year. I'm a big fan of comics, and I'm writing my own. I came to the site after looking up public domain characters, and I became fascinated by some of the designs (not so much the back stories as a lot of them are the same or uninteresting in my opinion.) So yeah, just wanted to introduce myself.

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DrObscure420 DrObscure420 21 November 2016

"Open Source" Characters

I am curious what the policy is regarding "Open Source" characters? For all intents and purposes, most lead to dead sites. For all Open Source characters i have witnessed,they never featured in an actual comic. If this site is meant to preserve history and public domain characters, why are there over 500 "Open Source" characters permitted alongside actual history? Can these "characters" be moved elsewhere, or is there a way to filter them out? There's like 20 Jenny Somethings for one unused character.

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Cebr1979 Cebr1979 17 November 2016

New (temporary) policy: Please read!

As of now, I have to instill a new policy where no editor can create more than two new pages in a 24-hour period (exceptions will be made for any needed new categories). This is temporary (though I don't know how long it will need to be in place, simply "until further notice"). Too many errors are being made and I think it's because editors are rushing. This (again: temporary) policy will allow editors the time to double check their pages for errors and also give me time to check the new pages as well. I'm finding way too many mistakes here and there that I just can't keep up with. Thanks, all!

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Cebr1979 Cebr1979 30 August 2016

We need an admin!

I have been here for 3 years and I greatly care about this place. I would love to take on admin duties in order to prevent vandalism and clean up the pages in need of deletion. I look forward to the new position should I receive it. Cheers. :-)Cebr1979 (talk) 22:54, August 30, 2016 (UTC)

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ElyaqimNYC ElyaqimNYC 6 July 2016

Not in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus seventy years

Based on Wikimedia’s template (“This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less”), I recommend implementing the following text in all appropriate characters’ articles (in the manner of a template):

The character {character name} is not in the public domain in its country of origin or in other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus seventy years. {Creator’s name} died in {year of death} so the character is not expected to enter the public domain in {“the UK,” “Germany and the European Union,” “Argentina” etc.} until {year of death + 71}.

For example, “The character Helen Vaughan is not in the public doma…

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Adamz58 Adamz58 5 July 2016

I apologize.

I was just trying to organize characters who where trained in the East. Characters like: Flame, Green Lama, Amazing Man, Phantasmo, Peter Cannon, the Shadow. I don't understand how that not a real catagory when so many characters where in fact trained, in Tibet.

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JoeFrankenstein JoeFrankenstein 15 March 2015

Wiki Help

So I'm trying to add a Creative Commons Zero notice to my profile here but I'm not quite getting the code to come out correctly. Any ideas?

here's the code they provide at creative commons:

<a rel="license"br /href="">


To the extent possible under law,
<a rel="dct:publisher"br /href="">
Brandon Longstreth</a>
has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to
Open Source Characters by Brandon Longstreth.
This work is published from:

United States

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Jay042 Jay042 1 March 2014

Wonder if we could include this character?

This character is known as The Knitter. He was created on tumblr in response [a post ]suggesting a young man who happens to knit looked quite a bit like a Batman villian. Another friend took up the challenge and created this image.

The post went viral, and more and more fanart of the character started [up]. Much like Jenny Everywhere the character has already developed a following (mostly limited within tumblr) but is clearly an idea that is out there in the public consciousness (unlike a lot of the open source characters )

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Jay042 Jay042 15 January 2014

Lacking a page for Abraham Lincoln

I was doing some searching, and realized we are misssing a page listing Honest Abe's Golden Age comic apperances. Washington has one, and it would seen to me Lincoln would be just as likely to turn up in comics has him.

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Bchwood Bchwood 28 November 2013

Loot Crate Giveaway

Hi All,

To reward your Alliances membership, Wikia has teamed up with Loot Crate to run a cool Giveaway where you vote on items to create your ultimate Loot Crate. You can then enter to win the crates and even if you don't win you can still purchase them at a discount rate!

You can check it out here --

Happy Holidays!

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Cloak5000 Cloak5000 24 June 2013

Question about Atoma

Can anyone shed some light about the character Atoma?  I had posted a design I did regarding the character but an online friend told me that Harvey still owns the rights to the character.  

Any input from anyone?  Can you shed some light about it?  

Your help is appreciated. 


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Cloak5000 Cloak5000 5 June 2013

Too many Open Source characters

It is great this site is devoted to Public Domain characters.  However, I am a bit reticent to visit the site because of the plethora of Open Source Characters.  

Yes, I did contribute to the design of one Open Source Character but the issue I have, is this site seems to have too many Open Source Characters.  I am saying this because I get the distinct feeling many of these characters weren't really intended to be "free" but for the potential of someone eventually claiming "rights" if a creator decides to use them in their potential publications.  

Really HATE to think along those lines but it just seems there are too many Open Source Characters.  Don't get me wrong, there are many great ideas, characters and names but again, I am really war…

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CodeAndReload CodeAndReload 29 May 2013

A List of Creative Commons Characters

I have a List of Characters that have a Creative Commons License that I try to maintain to the best of my ability, which is sorted by which Creative Commons license. For reasons listed here, I cannot post the list on the wiki, but if you want it let me know.

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Red Rube Red Rube 16 May 2013

Gold Key's Tiger Girl

Does anyone know the status of Gold Key's Tiger Girl?  She had only one issue appearance.  I really liked the character.  Is she public domain by any chance?

She's not public domain. Gold Key's Tiger Girl was first published in 1968 with a proper copyright notice. Since it was published after 1964 renewal was automatic. Tiger Girl's copyright will expire in 2063, 95 years after publication. Crimsoncrusader (talk) 16:34, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

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Cloak5000 Cloak5000 1 March 2012

The Freedom Guard.

I started up a new story using some PD characters, currently set during the Golden Age in the USA.

Calling it the "Files of the Freedom Guard". While I plan on using other PD characters, currently Liberator, Captain Flag, Man O' Metal, Torpedo Man and the Blue Lady are featured.

Hoping someone can spare time to check out the story as the chapters progress. ANY input would be welcome either here on the Comic Vine site. Thanks.

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Cloak5000 Cloak5000 26 February 2012

"The Adventures of Doc Strong".

Just letting anyone know who may be interested I've been writing a type of "Sci-Fi/Western/Pulp" story on the website Comic Vine. It is available to read for free, naturally, and I am currently using the PD characters Doc Strong, Rulah, the Black Bat, Lava Men and soon a few others to be introduced. Doc Strong and the Black Bat's names have been altered a bit as well as their original design and the like. As these are PD I know I have freedom to do with them as I like.

It is hoped someone can spare time to check out the story, Chapters I-VI are currently posted as of this writing. I go by the username "Decept-O" on that site. Hope that is OK to mention another site here with a link.

More of my story on Comic Vine. Thanks: The Adventures…

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Craig Daley Craig Daley 21 January 2012

War Nurse

Just revamped War Nurse, the first comic is available on Kindle £1.98 or equivalant. It's her origin story and introduces some supporting characters, like Winston Churchill, Nikola Tesla and Aleister Crowley for more information about CDComics and War Nurse check out www.cdgraphicnovels,

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SimonKirby SimonKirby 18 October 2011

The Sanction

Hi guys, Simon here again. I'm working on a story arc adressing the sudden disappearance of superheroes after the War. Here's a basic outline; the working title at the moment is "The Sanction":

...Historically speaking, the Super-Patriot project of the late thirties achieved significant success rates. Code named Operation Eagle, contemporary records estimated that over 70 percent of military test subjects were endowed with enhanced physiques and superhuman endurance.
Variants of the original formula were simultaneously developed by the private sector, ostensibly to provide the home front with a virtually indestructible National Guard in the event that the Axis powers attempted to invade American soil.
These variant formulas were administered to c…
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Shastab24 Shastab24 24 April 2011

Gold Comics 1 available on IndyPlanet

It may be shameless self-promotion, but I'm posting here because I think it fits:

Gold Comics #1 is a comic I put together featuring public domain superheroes, with all information on said characters gathered from this site. The comic includes a short, six-page comic written by myself followed by three Golden Age stories featuring characters included in my comic: Madame Fatal (from Crack Comics #1), Bulletman (from Nickel Comics #2 - I would have used #1, but I couldn't get an acceptable scan) and Captain Nazi (from Master Comics #21, which also has Bulletman and Captain Marvel).

I hope to return to this project and make Gold Comics #2, and continue down the line. Publc domain superheroes are quite fun to write for, and I love some of the ch…

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Roygbiv666 Roygbiv666 18 March 2011

Comic Art Commission


Ernie Chan was a prolific cover artist for DC Comics during my "Golden Age" of the 1970s - I'm thinking of getting a commission, like a cover re-imagining of this:

Yeah, so if we were to replace the Freedom Fighter members with other Golden Age/Public Domain characters of similar power sets, who would you pick?

Phantom Lady =

Uncle Sam =

Black Condor =

Human Bomb =

Ray =

Doll Man = (almost forgot him)

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Golden one Golden one 1 March 2011


Are the original golden age archie/mlj heroes really in the public domain?Golden one 22:12, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

Yes their first appearances were not renewed 28 years after publication so just like every other hero on this site they are in the public domain. Here's the renewal list. I've added this info to the FAQ. Crimsoncrusader 00:41, March 1, 2011 (UTC)

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Golden one Golden one 7 January 2011


How Do I Post images on the public domain super heroes wikia page?

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Golden one Golden one 3 January 2011

Fawcett Characters

How many of the fawcett characters are in the public domain?

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Chugite Chugite 10 December 2010

National Comics Publications vs Fawcett Publications

This case screwed Fawcett because Captain Marvel is not really that close to Superman. They both share the super strength but marvel flew first, his secret identity is a kid, he turns to marvel and his costume: orange with a lightning bolt on the front. his cape is not even full length , he works at a radio station and he gets his powers from Gods and other figures. I guess since the superhero was really new they could get away with this but not nowadays. I knew about wonderman but i did not even know about masterman

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