Public Domain Super Heroes
Bloor, Dictator of Uranus

Real Name


First Appearance

Prize Comics vol. 1 #4 (June 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Dick Sprang?


In the dystopic future of 1982 Bloor, the dictator of planet Uranus, arrives in New-New York with a fleet of spaceships to speak with the local ruler. He is willing to pay Seng I ten tons of gold for thousands of slave workers and Seng I devises a scheme. Lured by advertisements in the newspapers promising well-paid jobs on Uranus, thousands of unemployed men swarm aboard the fleet departing for Uranus and are enslaved by Bloor's forces upon arrival and put to work.

However Power Nelson the Future-Man follows in his own spaceship to investigate and confronts Bloor.

Bloor has human-looking ears covered by devices while on Earth, possibly a means of communicating with his fleet, and claims that his people knows and speaks all languages of the universe. Besides his Uranian forces, Bloor employs the Amazon Regiment of fighting women and can call on three huge six-armed steel robots.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Prize Comics #4


  • The Amazon Regiment could, judging by appearance, be the clones of the same blonde human.