Public Domain Super Heroes
Blue Bolt
Blue Bolt.jpg

Real Name

Fred Parrish

First Appearance

Blue Bolt Comics vol. 1 #1 (June 1940)

Original Publisher

Novelty Press

Created by

Joe Simon


Fred Parrish, a star football player at Harvard, is practicing in a remote mountainous area with two friends when a storm develops.The three run to escape the storm but are struck by lightning with only Parrish surviving. He manages to get to his small private plane to fly for help, but crashes in a very deep valley when his plane is struck by lightning too. He is rescued from his crash and brought into a subterranean lab by mysterious figures.

In the lab Dr. Bertoff heals him with scientific expertise and his radium deposits. Dr Bertoff gives him new powers harnessing the lightning that was still active in his body and informs him that he needs to use them to stop the invasion of the forces of the Green Sorceress and her allies such as Marto. After defeating the Green Sorceress, he returns to the surface to fight crime. He is partnered with Lois Blake, who has the same powers that Parrish does. He is capable of lightning projection from his eyes, flight, and he uses a lightning gun. Blue Bolt also teamed up with fellow heroes Sub-Zero and Twister.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Bolt Comics vol. 1 #1-12
    • vol. 2 #1-12
      • vol. 3 #1-12
        • vol. 4 #1-12
          • vol. 5 #1-8
            • vol. 6 #1-10
              • vol. 7 #1-12
                • vol. 8 #1-7, #9-12
                  • vol. 9 #1-7, #9
                    • vol. 10 #2, #102-110


  • The second issues marks one of the earliest teamings of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

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