Blue Circle

Real Name

Len Stafford

First Appearance

Blue Circle Comics #1 (June 1944)

Original Publisher

Enwil Associates / Rural Home/ Croydon

Created by


Golden Age Origin

Len Stafford was a young inventor who decided to use the fortune he inherited from his father to fight crime as the Blue Circle. He arranged a pardon for seven reformed "past masters in crime" - in exchange, they agreed to assemble whenever he asked as the Blue Circle Council. The Blue Circle Council provided advice to the Blue Circle and offered more direct assistance if necessary.

The Blue Circle has no superpowers but is a keen-minded and skilled fighter.

Blue Circle Council

The Blue Circle Council was made up of the following former criminals:

  • Frank Craven - a former embezzler, he earned honest living as a bank teller after being pardoned.
  • "Fixer" - a former professional gambler who was proficient at cheating casinos by "fixing" the odds in his favor. Upon being released, he swore not to gamble again, but he was willing to break his vow for Blue Circle's sake.
  • Mike Tyler - a former vehicle hijacker.
  • "Saunders" - a former art thief.
  • Greg Stern - a former expert counterfeiter.
  • "Chuck" - nothing is known about this member, since he barely had any lines.
  • Unknown 7th member - while Chuck at least got enough lines to establish a name, this member didn't have any lines at all.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Blue Circle Comics #1-5, 6 (cover only)

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