Public Domain Super Heroes
Blue Fire

Real Name

Jack Richard "Dick" Knapp

First Appearance

Wham Comics #2 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lew Glanzman


Jack Knapp, a hard-working young scientist, is the victim of an accidental explosion which makes him intangible and his body burn with blue flames that do not burn him or his clothes. However, after two hours the effects wear off and Jack must create small bombs that re-created the power giving explosion in order to re-charge his powers. Knapp decides to use his abilities to fight crime and saboteurs as the Blue Fire.

After reading the newspaper, Knapp reads about a ship that has its engine frozen by a human icicle. Blue fire decides to investigate and boards the ship discovering that it is sabotage. He is confronted by a man who swallows a pill and becomes covered in ice. The man introduces himself as Frost and attempts to shoot Blue Fire, but the bullets phase through him. Fire then tries to punch Frost, but he can not hit him while intangible. The two reach a stalemate and with Blue Fire's powers about to run out he left his foe. When he brought the police to capture Frost, the villain had escaped.

Blue Fire later confronted Tanya Gerhst, a German spy, and Frost at their hideout. He began to fight Frost, but lost control of his intangibility and plunged to the bottom floor of the building. Both villains escape, but Tanya leaves a note for Blue Fire, whom she had become infatuated with. However, while he did not capture Frost, Blue Fire had stopped him from destroying another ship which arrived safely thanks to Blue Fire's intervention.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Wham Comics #2


  • While Blue Fire is called Jack in the comic, in the text story he is called Dick.

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