Blue Lady

Real Name

Lucille Martin

First Appearance

Amazing-Man Comics #24 (1941)

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Lucille Martin, an adventurous novelist, was returning from a vacation in China by boat when she met an elegant Chinese maid named Lotus headed for New York. Lotus was tasked by her master to deliver a valuable jade idol to an address in China Town and asked Lucille to safeguard it for her on the voyage. In the event that she should be meet with foul-play, Lucille was to deliver the package to Sing Thang. The woman also gives her a bluebird-shaped ring which was said to grant superpowers to the wearer.

Blue Lady 2

The maid is soon murdered by thugs seeking the idol and thrown overboard, Lucille visits her room and finding it ransacked keeps the idol. Back in the states while in her bedroom, she began examining the Bluebird Ring, but carelessly drops it and stepped on it, shattering it a bit and releasing some of the gas within which Lucille breathes in causing her to fall unconscious. Upon waking she decides to visit the address in China Town and after lifting a fallen tree in the road blocking her car she discovers the gas she inhaled gave her the strength of ten men, heightened reflexes and possibly resistance to up to .38 caliber bullets. Donning a costume she dubs herself the "Blue Lady" and after a confrontation with some thugs the jade idol is delivered to its destination. In her second adventure these powers could be neutralized by the villains covering the ring on her finger with oil (although depriving her of the ring entirely would supposedly bring bad luck). By her third adventure she had learned to release the blue gas as a mist that made her temporarily invisible which came in useful against the Trigger and his gang of white-hooded thugs.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Man Comics #24-26

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