The Blue Spark

Real Name


First Appearance

Super-Mystery Comics vol. 1 #2 (August, 1940)

Original Publisher

Ace Magazines

Created by

Harry Lucey


The Blue Spark was a mad inventor, who used his advanced technology to conduct criminal and terrorist activities, including kidnapping, murder, extortion and robbery. He was brought to justice by Magno.

Powers and Abilities

The Blue Spark had an energy beam which could melt down a railroad bridge in a matter of minutes. He also possessed a ray that could brainwash a human to do his bidding without question. He commanded a small gang of brainwashed men who wore rubber suits, much like his own, which were not immune to the magnetic powers of the city's hero, Magno, and which could be inflated with air to reduce injury from physical attacks.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Super-Mystery Comics #2
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