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Blue Tracer
Dunn and "Boomerang" Jones, inside the Blue Tracer, on one of their missions

Real Name

William "Wild Bill" Dunn and "Boomerang" Jones

First Appearance

Military Comics #1 (August 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Fred Guardineer

The Blue Tracer


William "Wild Bill" Dunn was an American engineer working with the army in a secluded portion of Ethiopia. While working, his team was attacked by a group of supernatural beings named the M'bujies. The M'bujies wounded Dunn and killed his teammates. Dunn was rescued by "Boomerang" Jones, an Australian soldier who had been given up for dead. Jones was now fighting his own private war against the Nazis. After Dunn recovered, the two men created a super-vehicle out of captured Nazi equipment, naming it the Blue Tracer. The Tracer was an all-terrain vehicle that could become a tank, an airplane, or a submarine. It was armed with machine guns, a cannon, and torpedoes. The two men used the vehicle to destroy the M'bujies and escape the jungle.

Blue Tracer schematics (Military Comics #4)

Public Domain Appearances

  • Military Comics #1-16

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