Public Domain Super Heroes
Bogey Man

Real Name

Kendall Richards

First Appearance

Red Band Comics #1 (November 1944)

Original Publisher

Rural/ Enwil

Created by



Kendall Richards was a mystery writer who has been such a big help to the police that gangster Rusty Blade decided to have him eliminated. However, Richards proved too tough for Blade's thugs. Unfortunately, they managed to swipe the manuscript for his next book, which included instructions on how to commit the perfect murder. Blade has his thugs follow those instructions to kill Richards, but Richards was able to anticipate them  (seeing as how he wrote the book and all), so he managed to avoid death without the gangsters realizing it. Now that Blade's thugs were no longer looking for him, Kendall assumed the guise of Bogey Man and brought them to justice.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Red Band Comics #1-4 (#2 is a reprint of #1 and covers only for #3-4)
  • Zoom Comics #[nn]


  • Along with Satanas, the Sorcerer and his Apprentice; Bogey Man bestowed some of his powers (detection respectively) on Captain Milksop.
  • On the covers of Red Band Comics, Bogey Man is shown confronting Satanas though neither appeared in each other's feature.

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