Bombshell, Son of War

Real Name


First Appearance

Boy Comics #3 (1942)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Dick Wood

Golden Age Origin

On the planet, Mars, the Roman god of war, also known as Mars, has grown disgusted with the Nazis, who have turned war into a mindless slaughter. He sends his skilled and courageous son, Dryas (aka Bombshell), who saved Mars and his ministers from being ambushed and slain by the fearful monster, Koro, to Earth, knowing that it is a one-way trip.


Bombshell's magical sword won't harm humans, but it will cut through almost anything else. He also possesses an indestructible golden shield. While we are supposed to believe that his father is a Roman god, the story reads as if this Mars is a king of a civilization on Mars.


Many online sources indicate that Bombshell teamed up with Young Robin Hood. However, this isn't supported by any of their appearances.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Boy Comics #3-7

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