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King Boolooroo of the Blues

Real Name

Boolooroo of the Blues

First Appearance

Sky Island (1912)

Original Publisher

Reilly & Britton

Created by

L. Frank Baum


The Boolooroo is the ruler of the Blueskin people of Sky Island.

Each Boolooroo is elected by his people and serves a term of three hundred years. He tells his people whom to vote for, and if they don't obey they are severely punished.

When Trot and Cap'n Bill visited Sky Island, the ruling Boolooroo was bad-tempered, rude, and vengeful. It was thought that he had already served more than three hundred years, but he denied it and kept the Book of Records locked in the Treasure Chamber where no one could consult it.

The Boolooroo's wife is rarely seen; she spends all her time trying to win at solitaire with a deck that is missing a card. They have six daughters, known as the Six Snubnosed Princesses. The chief of his soldiers is Captain Ultramarine.

The Boolooroo's acquaintance with Trot, Cap'n Bill, and Button-Bright started off poorly when the visitors accidently landed on him upon their arrival on Sky Island. He captured them, took away their Magic Umbrella, and made them slaves in his palace. They later escaped through the Fog Bank, taking with them the Book of Records, which proved that his term as Boolooroo should have already been over.

When he discovered the missing Book of Records, he blamed his major domo, Ghip-Ghisizzle, who was also next in line for the throne. The Boolooroo planned to have Ghip-Ghisizzle patched, but was interrupted when Trot and her companions returned with an invading Army of Pinkies.

The Blueskins blamed this invasion on the Boolooroo's mistreatment of the visitors and began to hate him. When the Boolooroo captured Cap'n Bill, Trot snuck into the city to rescue him. With the help of a valorous billygoat, the Boolooroo was conquered and Trot made herself "Booloorooess of the Blues". When Ghip-Ghisizzle became Boolooroo he wanted to patch the former Boolooroo, but Queen Trot would not hear of it. The patching equipment was destroyed, to the delight of all the Blueskin people.

The former Boolooroo decided to reform, and was sent to live in a modest cabin with his wife and daughters.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Sky Island

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