"Boom Boom" Brannigan

Real Name

Professor Dennis "Boom Boom" Brannigan

First Appearance

Prize Comics vol. 4 #8 [#44] (August 1944)

Original Publisher

Prize Comics

Created by

Dan Zolnerowich?


Dennis Brannigan was a university history professor and former intercollegiate champion, who believed that if a man were in reasonable shape, he could use math and science to win nearly any fight. To prove this, he began training to fight as a professional boxer under Jed Rogers, believing that he could become champion simply by applying a methodical strategy.

Before his first exhibition bout, the world champion Tiger Tyrone smacked Brannigan in the face with a book on Greek Mythology. Brannigan had a vision of Pandora opening the box that Zeus had placed in her care. Doing so released all forms of evil into the world and Brannigan promised Pandora that he would help her uproot all evil in the world. When he awoke, Brannigan believed that his manager's daughter, Pandora Rogers (a social worker who hated fighting), was in fact a reincarnation of the original Pandora. He swore to keep his promise to her.

Brannigan went on to defeat Tiger Tyrone and become the world champion. He travelled the world, defending his title while fighting evil outside the ring.  He faced a number of unusual enemies including hypnotists and Captain Heroic.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Prize Comics #44-66

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