The Bouncer
Bouncer -10

Real Name


First Appearance

Bouncer (September 1944)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Robert Kanigher and Louis Ferstadt


The Bouncer was originally a statue of the Greek mythology figure Antaeus created by a sculptor named Adam Anteas Jr. The artist was a descendant of Antaeus. The statue however was not normal. In fact whenever danger was near, it came to life. The living statue gave Adam superpowers of super strength and leaping, which it also possessed. Like the mythical Antaeus, Adam and the statue are both vulnerable in mid-bounce.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Bouncer
  • Bouncer #11-14
  • Everybody's Comics #1
  • All Great Comics
  • Book of All Comics #1
  • All Good Comics


  • The Bouncer's first appearance was an unnumbered issue of his self-titled series. The following issue was numbered as #11, indicating his first appearance was #10 (although it never said that).
  • The Bouncer was the first comic book character created by comics legend, Robert Kanigher.

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