Public Domain Super Heroes
Boy King & his Giant
Boy King.jpg

Real Name

David of Swisslakia & his giant

First Appearance

Clue Comics #1 (January 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Charles Biro, Bob Wood & Alan Mandel


David was the young King of Swisslakia, a Central European kingdom somewhere in the Alps (the map in Clue Comics #1 puts it about where Switzerland should be). When the Nazi forces attacked his kingdom, he unearthed and activated a Golem-like statue that was supposedly built by Nostradamus. Now you would think that he would use it to beat back the Nazis and assert his nation's sovereignty but, David had different ideas. He left Swisslakia with its entire population in tow and used the Giant to transport them to United States. Once there, he abdicated his throne and allowed his citizens to become citizens of United States. The fact that he effectively dissolved Swisslakia as a nation didn't seem to occur to the young ruler.

Even as an ordinary American citizen, David continued to wear his royal outfit (complete with a crown and ceremonial short sword). He used the Giant to defend his new homeland against Nazi agents and criminals. His enemies included the likes of Dr. Plasma, Paris, Hitler's Rex, and the Crane.

He was later reunited with his twin brother, Muggsy, who had been kidnapped as a child.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Clue Comics #1-9, 12


  • During the last few issues, Giant showed up less frequently or made no appearance at all, instead replaced with David's new circle of young American friends.

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