Public Domain Super Heroes
Brain-Lords of Cymradia

Representative Names

Lord Mentor, Yandor, Iontra

First Appearance

Planet Comics #43 (July 1946)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Chester Martin


The planet Cymradia is ruled by the Cymradian Brain-Lords. They are highly intelligent and technologically advanced humanoids standing around 4 feet tall, with massive heads. However, they are a dying race, looking for new bodies. They initiated Project: Survival in which they abducted and tested various humanoid species from throughout the galaxy, in search of the most durable and compatible bodies to serve as hosts to their minds. They succeeded in both transferring their heads onto larger humanoid bodies, and transplanting their brains into human skulls. Eventually, the project was halted when the test subject, Futura, led a revolt against them. Many of the Brain Lords appeared to perish when a ship they were on crashed into a geyser of hot magma.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to their advanced biological technology, the Brain-Lords possessed ships capable of nearly instant intergalactic travel, tractor beams, teleportation devices, powerful ray guns, and equipment capable of monitoring all of their subjects vitals from hundreds of miles away (possibly anywhere).

A Synthopoid (K-4).

The Brain Lords have also built "Synthopoids" which are powerful creatures, standing about 7 feet tall, designed to perform physical labor. They are slaves to the telepathic signals of their creators.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Planet Comics #43-54


In all but their first appearance, the Brain-Lords and Synthopoids were depicted with green skin.