Brain Boy
Brain Boy -2

Real Name

Matt Price Jr.

First Appearance

Four Color #1330 (April 1962)

Original Publisher

Dell Comics


Herb Castle and Gil Kane

Silver Age Origin

Brain Boy was really Matt Price Jr., son of Mary and Matt Price. While his mother was pregnant with him, the tires to the family car blew out when the family was driving. The car slammed into an electrical tower. But while Matt Price Sr. was killed, Mary miraculously survived. Two months later she gave birth to a son and named him in honor of his father.

She was suprised to discover that the baby could respond to her in perfect English almost as soon as he was born. The electricity he was exposed to in the womb gave him vast mental powers. However, he was smart enough to hide his powers until his senior year of high school when he was approached by Chris Ambers, a fellow telepath and government agent. Ambers recruited Matt to work for the "Organization of Active Anthropologists", an organization that was, in reality, a special counter-intelligence branch of the U.S. Secret Service. The innocuous-sounding moniker was used to hide its activities from the public. Chris also gave Matt the nickname Brain Boy.

Brain Boy worked undercover for the government fighting enemies of American freedom. This included Communists, such as South American would-be dictator and telepath Ricorta, and aliens, such as the microscopic Eerown.

Powers and Abilities

Brain Boy could read minds, use telekinesis to lift objects or make himself fly, control minds, alter emotional states, and was also super intelligent. However, using his powers took a lot of mental energy, especially when facing another telepath, and he could become exhausted quickly.

Silver Age Appearances

  • Four Color #1330
  • Brain Boy #2-6

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