Bret Barton

Real Name

Bret Barton

First Appearance

Sparkling Stars #9 (February, 1945)

Original Publisher


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Golden Age Origin

In their atom-powered ship, Bret Barton and his crew were patrolling the galaxy to safeguard the lives of human scientists, adventurers, or treasure-hunters who were captured by hostile extra-terrestrials or other intergalactic threats while exploring the frontiers of the universe. In his first adventure, he saved Sandra from the Shark Men of Aguaca on Neptune.

Bret commanded his own ship and carried a "gas gun." He was also proficient at fighting aliens with his bare fists.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Sparkling Stars #9


  • The Buzz Crandall story from Planet Comics #1 was later re-printed in Sparkling Stars #9 as a Bret Barton story.

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