Brett Hannigan
Brett hannigan

Real Name

Brett Hannigan

First Appearance

Hand of Fate #25b (1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lou Cameron


Brett Hannigan and his partner in crime Nita Dell robbed the main offices of a carnival and decided to hide out from the police in a waxworks show's tent. They seek refuge in hollow statues of a werewolf and tigerwoman respectively. However, the police shoot the statues and take the crooks into custody with a slight pulse.

However, the waxworks show owner Lizette used black magic to transform Nita and Brett into the monster they hid in so that she could get revenge on the police for destroying her irreplaceable statutes. The two crooks awaken in the prison hospital transformed, and go on a killing spree with the cops helpless to stop them in their new bulletproof monster forms.

Lizette decides, however, to collect the bounties on the creatures heads and has her demons summon the creatures to her tent. The witch then convinces the duo to drink witch's brew in order to restore them to their human forms. Instead it makes them go into a berserk rage causing them to kill each other. When the police examine the bodies though, both Nita and Brett have returned to their human forms.

The police then charge Lizette with the murder of two wards of the state. Instead of going with the police she runs into her burning cauldron and burns to death.

Powers and Abilities

Brett is transformed by black magic into a werewolf and presumably has the abilities of a traditional werewolf including enhanced strength, speed, agility, and stamina as well as enhanced senses. He is also shown to be bulletproof. However, he could not change back into his human from until he was killed regardless of the presence or absence of the full moon. It is unknown if he had an aversion to silver.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Hand of Fate #25b
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