British Agent 99
Agent 99

Real Name

Alan Douglas

First Appearance

Pocket Comics #1 (Aug. 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

William Churchill Jr & Arturo Cazenauve


The man known as British Agent 99 was Hollywood actor and British citizen Alan Douglas. Alan Douglas was a famous star in America but when he receives the news of his fathers death in the war he returns to London to serve his country. Douglas enlists in the British secret service and is named Agent 99.

His first mission was to protect the Sultana Zaida from Gestapo agents. His second mission sent him into Yugoslavia as it was in the midst of Nazi invasion. Agent 99 wasn't able to stop the Nazis from occupying the country, but he was able to ensure that the young King Peter II was safely evacuated to Greece.

With Yugoslavia occupied, Agent 99 fled with some Yugoslavian generals to Soviet Union. However, they were shot down the GRU at the prompting of a Gestapo agent Karl Verne. GRU took Agent 99 and the surviving general into custody. Agent 99 was able to use his mastery of disguise to free himself and save the general. But as they tried to escape, they got surprising news - Germany invaded Soviet Union, and GRU was now on their side.

As Soviet military marshaled its defenses, Agent 99 was ordered to travel to United States. GRU was able to obtain a list of all Gestapo agents operating in USA, and Agent 99's British superiors wanted him to deliver it to FBI as soon as possible. The journey was grueling and obstacle-ridden, but ultimately, he was able to complete his mission. He volunteered to help FBI round up Gestapo agents in Los Angeles. Along the way, he ran into Black Cat. Black Cat, Rick Horne and Agent 99 worked together to bring the Gestapo agents to justice. Before the adventurers parted ways, Black Cat gave Agent 99 a kiss. Noticing Rick's jealous reactions, the British agent said that much as he would love to stay and make out with the beautiful heroine, his work would always have to come first.

Powers and Abilities

Alan Douglas was a master of disguise and fluent in several foreign languages.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Pocket Comics #1-4

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