Bruce Gordon

Real Name

Bruce Gordon

First Appearance

The Lost City (1935)

Original Publisher

Super Serial Productions Inc.

Created by

Kane Richmond, Harry Revier

Golden Age Origin

Bruce Gordon was a scientist who, along with his assistant, Tom Dolan, traveled to Africa to research some natural disasters. Once there, he found that Zolock, the last of the Lemurians, had forced Dr. Manyus to create an army of giant men to take over the world including one with six arms.

Gordon rescued Dr. Manyus and his beautiful daughter, Natcha, from their captor, Zolock. Along with Zolock and his giants, Bruce also dealt with two traitorous men, Dr. Colton and Professor Reynolds, who wanted to steal Manyus' inventions, and a slave trader named Queen Rama.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Great Comics #3
  • Choice Comics #3


  • The Lost City was originally a serial adapted into a comic story which began in Great Comics #3 and continued in Choice Comics #3.
  • Bruce Gordon was played by Kane Richmond in the serial. He also played Spy Smasher as well as Lamont Cranston, a.k.a. the Shadow in a couple movies.

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