Bull's-Eye Bill
Cover to Target Comics v1 #1

Real Name

Bill Target

First Appearance

Target Comics v1 #1 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Everett (as Everett Blake)

Golden Age Origin

From Target Comics v1 #1 - “Even in this civilized day and age there is still to be found some of the romance of the Old West. Our story opens in the little town of Wenton, Arizona—one of the last of the old frontier outposts. A few miles out of this community lives “Bull’s-Eye” Bill Target, a young native talented in the gifts of gun-slinging, hard riding and cowpunching.” 

After president Franklin Roosevelt announced that the United States would provide weapons and supplies for it's allies, becoming an "arsenal for democracy," Uncle Sam summoned the Chameleon, Skipper (leader of Boystate), Karen Drake, Lucky Byrd, Bull's-Eye Bill, Manowar the White Streak, Spacehawk, and the Target. Explaining that the United States needed them more then ever, he charged each character with a certain task. Bull's Eye was told to provide horses for the U.S. Cavalry Remount Service.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Target Comics v1 #1-12; v2 #1-4,6-12; v3 #1-12; v4 #1-11; v5 #2-5, 7-8; v6 2-3, 5-9; v7 #2,4,6,9-10,12; v8 #1-7, 9-10; v9 #1,3,7,10
  • Dick Cole (1948) v1 #2
  • Dick Cole (1949) #6-8
  • Dick Cole (1958) #7
  • White Rider and Super Horse (1950) #4-6
  • White Rider and Super Horse (1953) #5-6

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