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Real Name

Susan Kent

First Appearance

Nickel Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fawcett Publications

Created by

Bill Parker & Jon Smalle


Susan Kent is the girlfriend of Jim Barr and also the daughter of a police sergeant. More or less by accident, she discovers that her boyfriend is Bulletman. Susan decides that she wants to help him fight crime,so Jim builds a gravity-regulating helmet so Susan can team up with him and fight crime as Bulletgirl. At one point, she joined the Crime Crusaders Club, whose members include Bulletman, Captain Marvel Jr., and Minute-Man.

Enemies of Bulletgirl and Bulletman included The Revenge Syndicate, The Bee, Blackmask, The Black Spider, The Bouncer, The Clinging Vine, The Dude, Dr. Destiny, Dr. Hood, Dr. Riddle, The Dome, The Engraver, The Fat Fiend, The Hunchback, the Invisible Man (Fawcett), The Limping Mummy, The Man Mountain, The Man of the Ages, Mr. Ego, Mr. Murder, The Mocker, The Prince of Evil, The Rat Catcher, Rednose, The Red Pirate, The Swing King, The Unholy Three, The Undertaker, The Voice, and the Weeper, among others.

Powers and Abilities

She has increased strength due to her taking a dose of Bulletman's super-strength serum, and her helmet allows her to fly and repel bullets.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Master Comics #13-20, 23-60
  • Bulletman #1-12, 14-16
  • America’s Greatest Comics #1-8

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